Borrowing from our Foremothers

Reexamining the Women’s Movement through Material Culture, 1848-2017

Borrowing from our Foremothers: Re-examining the Women’s Movement through Material Culture, 1848-2017 explores the distinct physical attributes of the suffragist and women’s liberation movements from 1848 to 2017. It focuses on material culture objects and visual action strategies suffragists created and women’s rights advocates re-constructed: the choosing and re-choosing of Seneca Falls as a starting place, orchestrating public parades and protests for maximum visual exposure, the wearing of traditional gendered paraphernalia, planning national women’s conventions and conferences, and designing nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century woman sculptures. Borrowing from our Foremothers is slated for 2021 publication. It will be a valuable addition to women’s studies, American history, and provide engaged reading for the general public.

Price: $60.00